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Are you worried about keeping your Thanksgiving Turkey moist? Try brining it overnight and filling the roasting pan half way with water. Cover the Turkey with foil, take it off for the last hour.

Use your left over cranberry sauce to make a cranberry mayonnaise. Use equal amounts, mix with a whip or hand blender. It's great on a 

turkey sandwich!

It's chili season. Come in and try our chunky chili. It has a very unusual ingredient, ground espresso, add it to your recipe it's sooo good!

Did you ever notice when you bake an Italian dish topped with any type of tomato sauce and covered with foil, that the foil breaks down, leaves flecks on your food? That's because of the acid in the tomatoes.

Cover the dish with plastic wrap first, then foil. The plastic wrap will not melt. We do it especialy with lasagna and baked penne.

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Now that summer is here everybody is grilling. Do you have a craving for steak, but you just don't want to pay the price for sirloin or rib eye. Try top round. You will have to marinate for a day or two. Try this recipe: canola oil, salt, cracked pepper, a little sugar, thyme, garlic, onion, and a little balsamic vinegar. The vinegar breaks down the muscle that makes the meat tough.

There is a meat tenderizer you can buy called a jacard. It has 48 very sharp blades that you use on the meat. Use that first, then put in the marinate.

It takes a long time to butterfly and pound out that chicken breast for chicken parm or any chicken cutlet, and they are all different sizes. Well here is a great way to eliminate all that work. Buy chicken tenders, pound them out gently between plastic wrap or wax paper. You will have the perfect size for any cutlet dish.

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 Now that Thanksgiving is around the corner here is a tip for your dressing. Add some apple cider to your dressing recipe it adds moisture and a little sweetness. Try it you will like it.

How does a refreshing fruit vineagrette sound? Use your favorite fruit jam, add a little vinegar, whisk together, add salt and pepper then whisk in olive oil. Check to see if you want to add a little more spice, maybe garlic, basil or onion.

Do you grow zucchini in your garden? Don't throw away those yellow flowers. Pick them, remove the stamen, add a little seasoned ricotta cheese. Dip them in a very lite batter like tempura. Fry them in canola oil. They are wonderful.